Mexico Finca Las Cascadas- The Farm For Coffee Production

Mexico Finca Las Cascadas

Some Facts About Mexico Finca Las Cascadas:

Farm:Mexico Finca Las Cascadas

Altitude: 900 – 1,900 MASL

Process: Washed

Country: Mexico

Region: Motozintla, Chiapas

Varietal: Marsellesa, Catuai, Bourbon

Cupping Notes: Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Nougat, Oolong

Some Details About Mexico Finca Las Cascadas

The second farm for E-Cafe Chiapas, the wonderful export organization and NGO Mexico Finca Las Cascadas that we collaborated with for this naturally processed coffee, was Mexico Finca Las Cascadas. Finca Belgica, the previous owner’s name for the Finca, was changed to Finca Las Cascadas to reflect the numerous waterfalls on the property better. However, when E-Cafe took control, they also had plans to increase the coffee’s quality. And, you have to take them seriously when a group transforms another Chiapas farm (Finca Las Chicharras) from unknown to a COE winner in just three years.

We believe that E-Cafe is producing outstanding coffee on this farm, and they have taken an effort to be one of the few producers of natural coffee in Mexico. Up until 2018, when a specialty coffee importer from Taiwan requested a natural lot from Finca Las Cascadas, E-Cafe only produced washed coffees. The innovative thinking at E-Cafe extends beyond the processing of coffee; it also includes social development initiatives for their employees and residents of the areas around them.

The Ichthus School

The Ichthus School, a boarding school for underprivileged children, affordable finances provided to producers, and collaboration with local and national leaders to improve infrastructure, education, and health are their main operations aside from coffee. The government and the proceeds from the sale of their coffee support these operations.

This batch is hand-selected for ripeness, pulped, put in fermentation tanks for up to 36 hours, and then washed to remove the mucilage. After drying, the coffee goes through destoning to remove any foreign objects. The green coffee is color-sorted and size-graded after hulling to maintain the lot’s visual and qualitative consistency.

We loved the Cascadas lot we imported last year, but this year we changed it up. The washed coffees from Cascadas this year exhibited lively acidity and smooth body. The assortment came at Bodhi Leaf with the citrusy sourness of Lemon, the sweet flavor of Mandarin Orange and Nougat, and the silky tea-like body of Oolong Tea.

Drying Coffee At Finca Las Cascadas

Undoubtedly, the year 2020 saw improvements at our farm Las Cascadas. We kept constructing and improving the farm’s roadways. Additionally, we only planted 89,092 coffee trees this year, and the harvest for 2020–2021 has just started. We anticipate about 2,000 bags of beans from this new harvest, but we also have some noteworthy news.

Most of the Las Cascadas beans had been dried in patios up to this point. Though we had African drying beds, there isn’t enough room for both raising all of the coffee to be dried in raised beds and procuring more concrete yards for our expanding production. Therefore, we decided to construct a greenhouse. It is identical to those at Finca Las Chicharras.

Raised beds allow air to circulate above and beneath the coffee, improving and evening out the drying process. However, putting our raised beds inside greenhouses helps us establish and maintain a greater temperature while still enabling the air to move around the drying beds. This protects the parchment from unexpected showers.

Our greenhouses also feature roll-down curtain windows on the sides, which improves our ability to control airflow. Up to 2000 beds may fit in the new greenhouse at Mexico Finca Las Cascadas, and each bed yields roughly 8 kg of dried coffee. Fully washed coffee typically needs 12 to 15 days to dry here.

Chiapas’ The Bean Yard * E-café

Positive relationships almost often result in good outcomes, and The Bean Yard Coffee and E-café Chiapas recently experienced this.

High-quality fair trade coffee is the main emphasis of the coffee store and roaster The Bean Yard. They visited us and our farms for the first time in 2016. Ever since then, they are devoting themselves to supporting Ichthus and the initiatives of E-café Chiapas. In December 2016, they gave E-café Chiapas their first donation. Then, they continued to support the organization’s work with farmers and children.

We were able to finish building new showers and facilities for the farmers who work at our farm Las Cascadas in Motozintla, Chiapas. Thanks to the last donation the Bean Yard sent us.

Over 150 pickers may take advantage of these larger, improved shower rooms. The journey up to the farms with hundreds of concrete blocks and cement bags is not simple. But, with the help of the Bean Yard, this became a reality!

Summing Up!

We hope that with time, Mexico Finca Las Cascadas is a growing farm that will be the largest place for coffee production in the future. Stay with us at Ideas Leads to get more details about it!