Justice Should Be Served To Destiny Harrison

Destiny Harrison

At the tender age of 21, Destiny Harrison suffered a shot in the head in her salon, MadamD Beauty Bar. After shooting her, the two males fled the scene with approximately $3,000 worth of hair bundles.

Two individuals—a guy and a woman—entered the shop twelve days before Destiny’s death and took her merchandise. A woman who stole her goods as they fled brutally abused her. When Destiny notified the Baltimore Police Department of this, nothing happened.

Destiny has a lovely two-year-old child who must cope without her mum and may have to deal with the trauma of witnessing her mother’s killing, given that she was present.

More Into The Details About The Case

Destiny requested assistance and security, but neither was present. “I’m terrified for my life and business,” Destiny wrote in her court filing, “and I’m convinced they picked the latch to the door.” When asked by journalists what she misses most about her child, Destiny’s mother responded, “Everything.”

She is sad and hurt. On December 23, 2019, a shooting occurred in Southeast Baltimore, although police have not yet made any arrests. Kindly sign this petition to attract attention to Destiny’s killing and to wake up the Baltimore Police Department.

They must treat these issues more seriously as a system designed to safeguard the public. The same is true for other black women whose lives ended over minor crimes; Destiny’s life mattered.

The First Police Complaint

We now know more facts about Destiny Harrison’s death due to additional information that surfaced after her death. Therefore our account of the events differs from that of the news media at the time. According to The Shade Room, a celebrity news website, the hairdresser filed a robbery, theft, and violence complaint against the two people who had broken into her salon on December 9, 2019.

In pictures from her report where something appears to be the identities of the ‘two’ perps but a blur, it is clear that she seemed to know the attackers by name.

The burglars had taken hair products worth around $3,000, but Harrison was tense that they might return because more information got public. She stated in her police report, “I am afraid for my life and business.”

Destiny Harrison’s Cause Of Death

According to Baltimore Sun reporting, the McElderry Park neighborhood of Southeast Baltimore is home to the MadamD Beauty Bar, where Destiny Harrison worked as a beautician. Also, according to the police complaint, someone was shot multiple times in the head while other customers were there inside the shop at the time of the incident.

As per reports, the police officers who arrived first discovered her struggling due to injuries to her head and took her to a nearby hospital. She got a death certificate there. The fact that her 1-year-old daughter was with her at the time but did not suffer is even more horrifying.

The Outcome Of Her Demise

Dream, Destiny’s daughter, returned from possession by Child Protective Services when she passed away. But when the girl’s mother intervened, the girl’s grandchild returned to her. Detectives investigating the homicide have also requested anyone with knowledge about the incident to contact Metro Crime Stoppers or submit an anonymous tip online. According to a separate article in The Baltimore Sun, authorities give a $4,000 prize for data about a murder case.

Funeral of Destiny Harrison

In the beginning, a GoFundMe was present to pay for her burial costs and to care for her young daughter. Gervonta Davis, a boxing champion reared in Baltimore, compensated for her burial expenses, according to a Revolt article on December 27, 2019, that came shortly after that.

When first hearing of her passing, Davis reacted, “I’m just hearing about this tragedy. Please reach out if there is anything I can do to help, such as pay for the burial. The burial got covered, he revealed on his Instagram account.

Recent Developments In The Murder Case Of Destiny Harrison

Harrison’s murder case was still one of Baltimore’s many unresolved murder cases as of October 2020. Authorities have not found the guy who shot and killed Madam D Beauty Bar’s owner.

About a year after her daughter passed away, Raquel Harrison was asked what she wanted to see the city do, and she responded, “They need to employ more investigators and obtain more monitoring.” Additionally, she requested that Baltimore citizens be more willing to share information.

Concluding Lines

Controversy over the heinous crime and Destiny’s unfortunate destiny followed the murder. Even more shocking is that justice was not present because the offender was never public. Although she suffered murder, there is more to learn from this article than that. Destiny Harrison, a 21-year-old with little financial support, had mapped out her career path. She maintained focus on the things that were important to her, which is inspirational.

She exerted every effort to realize her dream and was already beginning to see the results of her labor. It only makes it more tragic that her life ended in such a gruesome and terrifying way. Stay connected with us at Ideas Leads for more such news and information!