All About Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Chapter 16

forget my husband ill go make money chapter 16

Will this marriage work out with a fiancée who has a business addiction? The name Rineh has replaced Rinee in this forget my husband ill go make money chapter 16. Previous chapters demonstrate this change.

Aristine smiled back at Yenikarina after noticing her wink. Why it was so considerate of you, Yenika wanted to smile, but it was a little stiff. “Did…did she just abandon protocol with me?” (Aristine didn’t use the proper form.) Was this fool staring right at her precisely now? My bad, I apologize. Can we have a more private conversation, Princess Yenika?

“The nerve,”

Nevertheless, Yenikarina was able to smile. Such an obnoxious woman! Even more irritating was the fact that, despite muttering “my bad,” she made no effort to express regret on her expressionless face. I’m kind of…

She was about to say, “Shy with strangers,” when Aristine spoke up and cut her off. “I say that because you make me think of my younger sister. Princess Yenika, you stated that you wanted me to consider you in the same way as your younger sister, correct? ‘What?’ Yenikarina was utterly speechless and unable to speak.

Ah, I wonder if you said that to be polite. I could be more adept at distinguishing between the two. You were serious. The floor drew Aristine’s attention. That made her appear miserable and sad, as one would anticipate from a beauty. Yenika became even more incensed when she observed Marten sighing as though he felt terrible for Aristine.

I must be kidding. Why could I desire that you view me as your younger sister? She could only be treated as a younger sister by her brother, Hamill, who’d been the only one that could do so.

Yet, in the ending of forget my husband ill go make money chapter 16, the words she uttered were…

“Sure, that’s what I mean! Without a doubt, I was serious. Yenikarina feigned happiness. It’s, therefore, all OK. (Aristine) Yenikarina’s joyful expression cracked at the spectacle of Aristine discarding the right words. No matter whatever has happened, she had always been able to maintain her smile, but until tonight, she had never found it so challenging.

Oh, darn. Is she so impolite because she’s spent her entire life next to a wall? But it didn’t seem more like Aristine was insensitive, given what she had seen her do to Paellamien before. In any case, there was nothing for the princess to continue being polite as she intended to abandon the respectful language first. Yenika will work also.


Aristine interrupted her. My younger sister always treats me with deference. She never lowered her voice when speaking to me, not even when she was tiny. Yenikarina temporarily lost her ability to speak. Her thoughts became unfocused. The person next to her could then hear a loud laugh at that precise moment. Marten was there.

He tried to contain his laughter, but it still managed to escape. His upper body was trembling. Yenikarina glanced at him before beaming adorably.

Marten, Brother

“Hm? Huh?”

Why is this so funny? Yenika is curious as well.

“Huh? False, that is.

That’s it?


“What could you possibly regret? Did you offend Yenika in any way? As Yenikarina’s onslaught alarmed Marten, Aristine stared indifferently before turning her head away. She had been seeking to deal with a unique person for some time—the King of Irugo, Nether. He turned to face her with piercing eyes that reminded her of Tarkan’s. His turquoise-blue eyes piqued my curiosity a little. That’s encouraging, I say. She merely made Starlina keep quiet when she quarreled with her out of practicality, but it appears to have had an unforeseen outcome.

Because of that, she attracted the attention of the King of Irugo in forget my husband ill go make money chapter 16. He should have wanted Tarkan’s companion to be a socially adept woman since he cared about Tarkan. In Irugo, the Crown Prince had been selected. As a result, there was a furious struggle for control of the throne, and they split into two groups: Hamill, the Queen’s eldest son and biological child, and Tarkan, her future spouse.

Yenikarina was the Queen’s biological offspring, just like Hamill. The other princes and princesses were all concubines. Tarkan, however, is a unique case. Tarkan’s mother was not a duly titled concubine. He was born to a regular person, not even a concubine. Tarkan’s political frailty began with his birth. The majority of the members of the throne supported Hamill as a result. The simplest way to put it is that they despised Tarkan because he was born into a lowly family.

They attempted to exclude a new power that would force them to share their current aristocratic privileges, which was a slightly more detailed justification. The nobles banded together and made every effort to hold onto the authority they had built up.

Politics ultimately revolves around defending interests. Through her Monarch’s Sight, Aristine had observed this in every political situation. The court ladies brought freshly made tea and snacks after the royal family had taken their seats. Aristine fixed her gaze on the cup of rose tea. A pleasant aroma emanated from the tea as it swirled in the teacup and filled the room. However, I came here today to conduct business—no, I came here to sell a good. Tarkan wanted Aristine to show him how effective a salesperson she was.

She was also a little confident. Aristine was exceptionally sharp in her recall. She hadn’t ever ignored anything she had observed using her Monarch’s Sight; that much is certain. First off, she had few options because she was by herself in a desolate palace with no one nearby.

Aristine spent a lot of time considering what she had seen before because she could not use the Monarch’s Sight despite wanting to. She had many memories that she could not let go of and had only ever lived her life in this way. She was also gradually able to investigate various objects when she used the Monarch’s sight to peer into the past, present, and future due to that habit.

Not just the dialogues between individuals but also the lovely flowers in the background, the sky’s clearness, or the sun’s intensity. She always cherished such moments in her heart, and in that dimly lit room, she would vividly recall them. Her capacity for observation naturally improved. Aristine had previously used her Monarch’s sight to observe the King of Irugo. Not just once, but several times. Because of that, Aristine was aware of the King’s secrets, which Tarkan was unaware of. It was all about to forget my husband ill go make money chapter 16. Keep checking Ideas Leads for more such quality material!